Uber Nigeria’s innovative used-vehicle finance partnership with FirstBank paves way for driver-partners to grow their businesses
20-10-2016 | 11:11:00
Uber Nigeria today announced that it is now making low-interest, used-vehicle loans available to its top-rated driver-partners.
Uber booms in Nigeria, plans expansion to French-Speaking West Africa
17-10-2016 | 09:09:00
Ride-hailing company Uber has offered over a million trips in Nigeria two years after it started there and is eyeing expansion to a French-speaking West African country next, its West African chief said on Thursday.
Uber and PwC to close Nigeria's transport industry tax gap
19-07-2016 | 11:06:06
Charging to drive someone around Lagos was chiefly a cash-in-hand job before Uber launched in Nigeria two years ago. To this day, the rest of the transport industry remains largely informal, with no clarity on how much money is made and only negligible tax contributions to the state.
[Rudolf Huber] Those Low Oil Prices the Best Chance Africa has had in a Long Time?
04-07-2016 | 13:02:00
We are halfway through 2016 and Africa looks set for despair and gloom. Faltering oil prices have brought misery to many African countries that have grown dependent on the oil income and yet, there is a strong silver lining as the easy clippings from oil and gas gave all African nations the wrong sort of incentives for years.
Nigeria sets the bar high for promoting ridesharing in Africa
13-06-2016 | 11:20:00
At the start of the last century, just one in seven people worldwide lived in cities. Today it’s half, and by 2050, the UN predicts another 2.5 billion people will be living in urban areas.
Abuja, Nigeria becomes Uber’s 400th city to launch
24-03-2016 | 09:41:00
Today, Abuja becomes the 400th city to in Uber’s growing global network. With the launch of Uber, an innovative technology platform, Abuja joins the list of smart transportation hubs in Africa.
The rise of Mobile Payments in Nigeria
29-02-2016 | 12:17:00
During the course of February 2016, Uber had launched a brand new wallet payment system in India. A lot of people in the tech ecosystem have been pontificating on what this would mean in relation to Nigeria, seeing as Uber can be seen as arguably the largest online private transportation provider right now in Lagos.
Rudolf Huber: Why The African LNG Projects Boom Fades (Will Be Different)
11-02-2016 | 12:45:00
Until about one year ago, every time I went to Sub-Saharan Africa, I entered a bustling world, awash with cash from black goo. Oil made the new fortunes of many of those countries and gave them a fillip like never before.
Rudolf Huber: LNG in Africa - LNG is not a rich man’s fuel
12-10-2015 | 11:44:00
Africans are slowly (very slowly) waking up to the fact that it might be better and more profitable to keep their home-produced LNG close to themselves and develop their own continental economies instead of exporting every last drop. Let’s see the issue with the eyes of those affected.
Rudolf Huber: LPG in Africa - May the Games Commence
18-08-2015 | 12:06:00
It is difficult not to be stunned by what happens in energy nowadays. Prices were stratospheric for many years and suddenly have dropped to less than half just to regain a little over the last weeks and months.