[Interview] Hajiya Sa’adatu Abdullahi, Founder, Business Women Networking, Nigeria
14-09-2017 | 08:04:00
Hajiya Sa'adatu Abdullahi is a Nigerian entrepreneur and founder Business Networking Women, an organization operating in the country's capital, Abuja. Africa Business Communities interviews her:
[Startup Interview] Tope Hassan, Founder, ISOKO Africa, Nigeria
04-09-2017 | 10:11:00
Tope Hassan is known as an African Tourist, bootstrapping through African nations to discover African Brands & Entrepreneurs. She founded ISOKO Africa a year ago as a dedicated media outlet for African brands.
[Startup Interview] Nena Okeke, Founder, Tai-tas Insperasa, Nigeria
10-08-2017 | 10:57:59
Nena Okeke is synonymous with resilience and diversity. Having set up her startup in 2008, it took her six years to see it finally up and running.
Motola Oyebanjo: Innovation? What a Terrible Idea!
31-05-2016 | 12:34:00
May is Innovation Month here at Union Bank as we think up great ideas via our Ideas Bank to create new products and improve our processes, so we can give more value to our customers.
Motola Oyebanjo: My new Romance with The Stallion
04-04-2016 | 12:35:00
When I informed close friends and family that I had been invited to take on the role of Head Strategic Communications at Union Bank, I got different reactions ranging from "you better be joking!" and all the way to "that Bank for old people?!"
National Institute of Marketing honors Berger Paints CEO/MD with Marketing Fellowship
14-12-2015 | 11:48:00
The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Berger Paints Nigeria Plc, Mr. Peter Folikwe has been honoured with the Fellowship of the National Institute of Marketing. Folikwe, who described the award as a call to duty explained that he would continue to leverage on his training and exposure to advance positive changes in the corporate world.
Motola Oyebanjo: The Road to Greatness – A Lebanese-Nigerian's Perspective
17-11-2015 | 11:10:00
I recently sat with some new Lebanese clients who wanted to run a major Advertising and PR campaign for a new product. It amused me to hear them say they were Nigerians.
Motola Oyebanjo: Wielding Soft Power for National Agendas
20-08-2015 | 12:10:00
America has been depicted as the ‘land of opportunity’. Why do we believe this? - The use of soft power. Their popular culture and mass media - the films, books, news media, stories and music - have influenced us to accept this portrayal of the USA.
[Interview] Motola Oyebanjo, Client Service Director, AeriaView Marketing Communications, Nigeria
06-08-2015 | 10:20:00
Motola Oyebanjo is former Head of Corporate Communications, British Council, Nigeria. She is currently Partner and Client Service Director of AerialView Marketing Communications, Nigeria. Her interview with Nigeria Business Communities:
Odimbite Odimbite: How Digital Marketing Causes Bleeding in Nigeria
28-07-2015 | 11:39:00
There are ways in which uncoordinated digital marketing causes hemorrhaging across business setups. Businesses and ventures especially in Nigeria are bleeding due to digital marketing activities arising from ineffective use of Social media platforms.