Nigerian Stock Exchange Launches Recruitment Portal
08-08-2016 | 09:49:00
The Nigerian Stock Exchange has launched an online portal to attract top talent and optimize its recruitment process.
Careernaija Announces New Job Website
15-07-2016 | 11:06:00
Careernaija.com is a new, online job site connecting job seekers with the latest job opportunities from companies in Nigeria and around the world.
Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Repositioning Yourself – find a job, Keep it (Part 2)
30-06-2016 | 11:42:00
Many job-seekers are prepared for employment; however, a segment of people looking for work don't have what are called job readiness skills. Job readiness skills are the basic, fundamental skills that a job seeker or an employee must have to be employable.
Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Repositioning Yourself – find a job, Keep it (Part 1)
22-06-2016 | 12:11:00
Practically speaking life itself could be tiring. Looking for, finding, and keeping a job could be mountainously challenging. I cannot promise you that what I am going to say will form a miraculous wand with which you could get a job in a flash, or that will guarantee your keeping the one you have.
Trade Union Congress honors Aliko Dangote with Award for Job Creation in Nigeria
13-06-2016 | 11:40:00
In recognition of his efforts at job creation in Nigeria, organised labour on the platform of the Senior Staff Union, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has honoured the President and Chief Executive of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote with an award in Abuja.
JobNet Africa expands pool of high-potentials to 20,000
07-06-2016 | 14:43:00
Recruitment website JobNet Africa, formerly known as WerkInAfrika, has expanded its services with a job board for highly skilled workers who are looking for jobs across the continent.
Boma Braide: Is Entrepreneurship the answer to low-paying jobs?
30-05-2016 | 13:16:00
I have been asking this question since the new change agents came on board in the running of affairs of Nigeria. Right now, everything is on the rise.
Dangote to Create 200,000 Jobs in Agric Sector of Northern Nigeria
16-05-2016 | 10:00:00
The president/CE, Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, has revealed his intention to create over 200,000 new jobs through some of his investments in the agriculture sector in the northern part of the country between now and 2018.
Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Dealing with Job Loss
25-04-2016 | 10:27:00
President Muhammadu Buhari carefully advised Nigerians to brace for the worst, economically speaking. One of the glaring pointers to economic hardship is unemployment.
Nigeria’s Booming Population Requires More and Better Jobs - World Bank
17-03-2016 | 11:38:00
With over 170 million people and a high rate of population growth, Nigeria needs to create 40 to 50 million additional jobs between 2010 and 2030.