Nigeria tops Shell Group spending on social investments
20-06-2016 | 10:04:00
Shell Companies in Nigeria spent a total of $195.5 million on social investments in the country in 2015, making Nigeria the largest concentration of social investment spending in the Shell Group.
Odimbite Odimbite: Position Yourself to Finish Strong in 2016
05-01-2016 | 09:19:00
As the New Year turns in, it will be very rewarding to position well so as to finish strongly in the year. If you had known 15 years ago what you now know today, would you have been more successful?
Nigerian Banks seek Investment Outlets for N1 Trillion Excess Cash
22-12-2015 | 10:40:00
Banks are desperately searching for how to invest the over N1 trillion of excess cash in their vaults. This desperation was reflected in trading for treasury bills (government securities) where banks and other investors demanded for 291 percent more bills than the amount offered for sale by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
IT Investments in Nigeria to top $5.3bn in 2016
21-12-2015 | 10:31:00
Information technology (IT) spending in Nigeria will top $5.3 billion in 2016 as organisations increasingly embrace digital transformation initiatives in a bid to streamline their costs and bolster flexibility according to technology research and consulting services firm, International Data Corporation (IDC).
Maria Auma: The Single Treasury System has been Positive in Uganda; I expect the same for Nigeria
22-10-2015 | 09:15:00
My initial thoughts are that this is a good initiative by the Government of Nigeria. There is nothing more frustrating than accountability and lack thereof when it comes to finance and auditing.
[Interview] Dr. Stanley Ko, Founder, Albarka Africa Investments
11-06-2015 | 13:25:00
Dr. Stanley Ko is a Singaporean entrepreneur, business development strategist, and Founder of Albarka Africa Investments. He has worked for many years in Africa, namely Nigeria and South Africa, in various directorial capacities. He currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. His interview with Africa Business Communities: