FirstNation Airways Secures IOSA Certificate
26-01-2016 | 10:53:00
The International Air Transport Association, IATA, last weekend, presented its International Operational Safety Audit, IOSA, certificate to indigenous carrier, FirstNation Airways.
Mango becomes first low-cost airline globally to join IATA Carbon Offset Programme
17-12-2014 | 13:51:00
Low-cost airline Mango has become the first non-IATA (International Air Transportation Association) member airline to join the IATA Carbon Offset Programme. The Mango voluntary offset programme launches today with a flat-rate Green Fee of R 6 (six Rand) available as offset option against any flight booked on the airline’s network.
IATA decries insufficient intra-connectivity in Africa
17-12-2014 | 11:47:00
The International Air Transport Association, IATA, has tasked African governments to ensure more air connectivity within the continent.
African airlines record strong passenger growth in September,2014
06-11-2014 | 12:21:00
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced global passenger traffic results for September showing demand growth of 5.3% (measured in revenue passenger kilometers or RPKs) over September 2013.
African airlines saw air cargo expand by 11.5% in September,2014
03-11-2014 | 14:44:00
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for global air freight markets showing an acceleration of demand in September. Measured by freight tonne kilometers (FTKs), volumes rose 5.2% compared to September last year, which is 0.8 percentage points ahead of the 4.4% average growth in demand reported for the year-to-date. Capacity grew by 3.8%.
Five-year Forecast Shows Improved Outlook for Air Cargo In Africa
23-10-2014 | 11:27:00
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Airline Industry Forecast 2014-2018 shows that international freight volumes are expected to increase ...