[Column] Glenn Davies: AFRICA - The Richest Poorest place on Earth
30-08-2016 | 10:55:00
If you were asked to think of 3 words that best define Africa, would ‘wealthy’ be one of them? My Company’s been doing business in Africa now for a while, and can safely say it has not been easy.
Glenn Davies: African Empires - The Modern Day Pharaoh’s
30-04-2015 | 12:54:00
When we think about Africa and the history behind it, we are presented with a massive intricate and complex array of events that have shaped the continent’s past, from the early men and women who left their footsteps in mud and clay to the liberation of Nelson Mandela
Glenn Davies: Disrupting Africa
21-04-2015 | 12:46:00
I think it’s fair to say that the landscape for technology and innovation is undergoing huge change. The ‘tech’ industry as we know it is transforming and moving at speeds like no other. And any industry that is moving with it is doing so with the help of disruptive technologies being developed in the IT space.
[Africa CEO Forum] Glenn Davies: Muhammadu Buhari's election is a game changer for Nigeria and for Africa as a whole
16-04-2015 | 15:07:00
[Africa CEO Forum] Glenn Davies: Muhammadu Buhari's election is a game changer for Nigeria and for Africa as a whole
Glenn Davies: M-Commerce - The Future of Africa
09-04-2015 | 12:41:00
The rise and rise of a mobile world means endless opportunities to transact in a private and secure way. We are no longer confined to our homes, our laptops or local retail outlets and can now do everything previously limited to a PC environment via our Mobile device - and in fact we can do a LOT more. The world is embracing this in record numbers, and no more so than Africa.
Glenn Davies: An African Easter - Remembering the Children
02-04-2015 | 12:11:00
I find there’s no better time in life to reflect than during a holiday season - and Easter is no exception. Now I’m not talking about having to reflect on one’s personal beliefs or faiths but more on life and the world around us - perspective.
Glenn Davies: Hopeless Africa
26-03-2015 | 13:07:00
“Hopeless Africa” This was the bold heading of an article released in May of 2000 by ‘The Economist’. The letter told of “floods in Mozambique; threats of famine in Ethiopia (again); mass murder in Uganda; the implosion of Sierra Leone; and a string of wars across the continent.” It went on to say that the new millennium has brought more disaster than hope to Africa.
Glenn Davies: Africa vs The World - 2050
17-03-2015 | 10:05:00
A new economic world order is emerging at lightening speed. The underlying theme is that the economies we currently call “emerging” are going to dominate global growth over the next three to four decades. What’s exciting is the emergence of parts of Africa right across the continent. Attention will increasingly turn to the ‘new emergers’ as the world economy undergoes a seismic shift.