Five ways naira flotation will affect Nigeria - BBC
22-06-2016 | 10:40:00
Nigeria is allowing its struggling currency, the naira, to trade freely in a move to tackle the financial crisis in Africa's most populous nation. Financial blogger Feyi Fawehinmi looks at how it will affect people's lives.
Port Harcourt and Warri Refineries Produce 7 Million Litres of Petrol Per Day - NNPC
28-04-2016 | 12:08:00
Dr. Kachikwu, group MD, NNPC, has stated that Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company is also scheduled to start production any moment from now adding that the coming on stream of the three refineries will go a long way to ensure sufficient supply and distribution of petrol across the country.
Rudolf Huber: Why The African LNG Projects Boom Fades (Will Be Different)
11-02-2016 | 12:45:00
Until about one year ago, every time I went to Sub-Saharan Africa, I entered a bustling world, awash with cash from black goo. Oil made the new fortunes of many of those countries and gave them a fillip like never before.
NNPC to Build 109 New Fuel Stations to Cushion Effect of Fuel Scarcity
18-01-2016 | 11:30:00
The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has unveiled plans to build a mega station in every Senatorial district of the nation, thus upping its market share in the fuel retail business from the current 12 per cent to a significantly higher number.
Rudolf Huber: LNG in Africa - LNG is not a rich man’s fuel
12-10-2015 | 11:44:00
Africans are slowly (very slowly) waking up to the fact that it might be better and more profitable to keep their home-produced LNG close to themselves and develop their own continental economies instead of exporting every last drop. Let’s see the issue with the eyes of those affected.
Rudolf Huber: Is the Nigerian fuel crisis the mother of energy opportunities?
28-05-2015 | 11:07:00
The news about the current Nigerian fuels crisis is already spreading beyond the realms of the Gulf of Guinea. It is said that this one is the worst since anyone can remember. This is truly not an enviable legacy for the outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan.