ExxonMobil discovers one billion barrel oil field near Bayelsa
31-10-2016 | 10:07:22
ExxonMobil says it has made a “significant discovery” of oil off the coast of Nigeria. The oil find is located at the Owowo offshore field located in the southern Bayelsa State.
Exxon set to Load First Nigerian Qua Iboe Oil Since July Force Majeure
15-09-2016 | 08:15:00
For the first time since ExxonMobil declared force majeure on Nigeria’s Qua Iboe oil exports in July, the U.S. oil company is offering Qua Iboe crude cargo for October loading.
Exxon Mobil reports first oil in Nigerian project
18-09-2015 | 08:34:00
Exxon Mobil said Wednesday it began producing oil ahead of schedule for the second phase of a major project offshore of Nigeria.
ExxonMobil to commit $3bn to gas projects in Nigeria
04-08-2015 | 09:39:00
US oil producing giant, ExxonMobil, says it is committing $3 billion to gas resource development in Nigeria.This sum is $1.2 billion higher than the $1.8 billion investments the company has committed to gas projects in the country in the last three decades.