[Africa CEO Forum] Lasbrey Nze: African Banks Need to Liaise Better with National Governments
09-06-2015 | 13:30:00
Although the reforms have met with several challenges and constraints, it is gratifying to note that most African banks that weathered the storm came out more robust and effective. Generally, there has been a slow but steady growth of the banking sector.
[Africa CEO Forum] Harriman Oyofo: There must be more to banking than making deposits
09-06-2015 | 12:50:00
There should be a conscious change from our local banks if Africa's economic development future is to be secured or given 100% support especially by banks operating in Nigeria, instead of looking for quick yields by engaging in intangible consumerism midwifery.
[Africa CEO Forum] Akin Oke: Old rent-seeking practices are keeping African Banks as bit part players in African economic development
09-06-2015 | 12:48:00
African Banks have gone through a number of transformations in the past few decades and this has resulted in the emergence of a few strong regional banks that can surely compete in global markets.