Video Advertising

African Business Communities partnered with Video Media Group to bring the innovative InPageVideo format to publishers and advertisers in Africa. InPageVideo is our innovative online video advertising format for advertisers and publishers. The format is a user friendly and impactful. Impactful because the video ad plays in a large format, unfolds and positions itself within the heart of the article content. User friendly because the viewer can choose to watch the video and doesn’t need to in order to view website content. Sound is user initiated (mouse over).

The VMG player is very easy to implement in publisher websites. The tag can be added to the website of served by the publisher’s adserver. Once the tag is placed VMG will activate the tag and configure the ad player position.
All VMG ad formats are built on HTML5 and is VAST/VPAID compatible. InPageVideo is suitable for desktop and mobile devices. It is a responsive format and adapts according to the device. Check our demo’s and see for yourself:

For more info please contact us at or call +44(0)78 8191 5452