Africa job brokers

Africa Job Brokers matches Employers with Jobseekers on its platform and by using its network.

Africa Job Brokers helps employers and recruiters reach highly qualified candidates - both active and passive job seekers - by delivering targeted job ads alongside appropriate content on its network of many Websites. Employers and Recruiters select the desired applicant profile and set their budget for each job vacancy; AJB then displays the ads to network visitors whose behavior, skills, interests and location match the profile.

We are going to relaunch the recruitment service:

Start up businesses create more new jobs than any other sector and  we offer free Entrepreneurial training and advice Entrepreneurs’ referrals are encouraged as a free marketing service to promote them and for their businesses to grow via personal referrals from satisfied customers and clients. Every business needs new opportunities to grow and, hopefully, employ more people and our free Business Leads Generator provides a daily list of people and businesses looking for a variety of goods and services.


More information on job matching in Africa:

According to the head of the International Monetary Fund “Africa's growing economies should put jobs creation at the heart of their development policies”.

Our goal is to connect educated people on the African continent. We are helping to get the young African population working with our interactive platform. We are looking for Interested parties to work with us on Job creation on the African continent. Contact us.