Africa Business Communities Online Marketing Desk

Africa Business Communities Online Marketing Desk
We Know Africa. We Reach Africa. 

For whom?

Africa is rising.  We talk about more than  1 African billion consumers of which a rapidly growing group forms the middle class with adequate consumer spending power. Africa Business Communities has been building its B2B audience for six years and is one of the major digital players in its field in the African market. It aims to service companies and organizations who are engaged or are aiming to get engaged in business in Africa.

Who we are:

Online Marketing Desk is a unit that specializes in online advertising within Africa Business Communities It assists companies, non-profit organisations and government agencies that wish to attain maximum benefits from their online marketing efforts in Africa.

Companies and organizations  that wish to do business, B2B but also  B2C, in Africa by reaching their target audience effectively and efficiently can do that in co-operation with the  Online Marketing Desk of Africa Business Communities. The ABC Online Marketing Desk aims to set up and manage professional online marketing campaigns in line with the objectives of its clients.

In order to achieve this, the Africa Business Communities Online Marketing Desk utilizes both its own reach of African business professionals as well as any digital and social platforms (facebook, youtube, google search and +, twitter, etc) that are available and best suited  to support the marketing objectives of our clients.  

Experienced marketers manage  effective campaigns for you with a range of services and products as desired by you. They vary from social media advertising to sheer analytics and from search to display advertising. ABC own digital assets form a significant basis to reach B2B professionals in a very segmented way. Campaign management is based on a continuous feedbackloop with you as a client.

The Africa Business Communities Online Marketing Desk provides its services to you  with one important aspect in mind: transparency. Transparency in how we work and transparency of real costs.

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