Nigeria to rake in $1.2bn from commercialising drone services
07-20-2017 | 11:17:38
The Federal Government has concluded plans to put a policy in place for the regulation of use of drones for commercial purposes.

NNPC R&D collaborates with Halliburton for Oil Search in Inland Basins
07-20-2017 | 10:49:45
A new vista has been added to the ongoing search for commercial hydrocarbon in the inland sedimentary basins by the Research and Development Division of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation in collaboration with US based Halliburton.

Afreximbank, Kings College Hospital enter agreement with Health Ministry for Healthcare Centre of Excellence in Nigeria
07-20-2017 | 10:00:00
The African Export-Import Bank, Kings College Hospital, London, and the Nigerian Ministry of Health have entered into a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in developing a centre of excellence for healthcare in Nigeria.

Etisalat Nigeria rebrands, now 9Mobile
07-18-2017 | 13:17:00
The embattled Etisalat Nigeria on Thursday rallied to move away from the shadows of its troubles by taking a new brand name.

Emergency goat distribution to restore livelihoods in North East Nigeria
07-18-2017 | 10:55:18
To strengthen resilience of communities from the loss of livestock assets, Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, has distributed 3600 goats to improve household nutrition and rebuild livelihood of vulnerable communities.

[Startup Interview] Lola Ekugo, Founder, Transthat, Nigeria
07-20-2017 | 12:34:00
Lola Ekugo runs an online business that connects travelers and people in Nigeria who want to buy items abroad or transport documents from abroad. It has become an instant hit for providing a fast, safe and reliable alternative to the traditional shipping methods that are expensive and time consuming.

[Startup Interview] Josh Okpata, Founder and CEO, Eazyhire, Nigeria
07-13-2017 | 12:40:00
Eazyhire is Africa's leading peer to peer lease platform. On Eazyhire anyone can put up items they own for other people and businesses to lease them.

[Column] Korede Ologun: What African countries learn from Ethiopia and its economic success
07-05-2017 | 14:24:40
East Africa continues to maintain its lead in regional growth in Africa reaching 5.3% in 2016 Real GDP growth. The economic success of Ethiopia is attributable to its desire to grow its economic base amidst structural challenges.

[Column] Tony Elumelu: Demystifying African Business Myths
07-03-2017 | 10:30:00
Though the story line on Africa has progressed – it is no longer about “saving” Africa, but how best to promote investments in Africa – there is still work to be done to tackle inaccurate information about Africa that persists in mainstream media.

[Column] Brett Parker: How homegrown innovation is solving many of Africa's most pressing challenges
06-09-2017 | 11:23:02
New technologies are gaining traction across the keystone continent. Nigerian businesses are among the fastest adopters of Cloud in the world.